What to do when you get the message:

"Windows can't open this file: jnlp.jnlp" in a pop-up box/window

  1. Choose >Select a program from the list of installed programs - this is the second option of the two options listed
  2. A list of programs in your computer will be listed 
  3. Select >Browse
  4. Look for a folder that says >Java
  5. Double-click on >Java
  6. Select the >jre7 (Note: you may have similarly named folders starting with "jre")
  7. Select the >bin (Note: If you can't find the >bin folder, then select another "jre" folder to see if you can find a >bin folder and then continue to Step 6)
  8. Look for executable program called >javaws in the list of programs 
  9. Double-click on >javaws and then select >OK

You will then see Java 7 open and the process of syncing with the DEC OASIS server start. If you get a message that your Java version is out of date and to udpate Java now or later;  please select "later". When you get another message asking if you want to run the program; select the option to run it by selecting >OK or >Open


Your Windows program doesn't know how to open Java files so this process tells Windows how to open the Java applet to sync with DEC's server.