1. To avoid getting redirected to the ORACLE page, please hover over the >Launch Uploader when you are in the >Upload School Data page and click on it with your right-mouse button - this will give you a drop-down menu with some options; 
  2. Scroll to -Open link in a new tab and then select it using your left-mouse button 
  3. If you get a message pops up that your Java is out of date; and you have options to -Block -Update -Later, please select        -Later
  4. Then you should see a message in a pop-window in the lower half of the screen - asking you whether you want to >Open or >Run or >Save  the file; please select -Open or -Run
  5. You will then see Java plug-in program launch - you may be prompted to put in your login details again - if you do, just hit -Cancel and the process will continue uninterrupted
  6. Now all you need to do is wait until the sync has been completed - this could take several minutes depending on how busy the Department's server is at the time.