Generating a late arrival/early leaver note

To print a note for late arrival/early leaver, the process may differ from one school to the next. Generally speaking, when the roll is taken in the morning, any students that are not in class without prior notification to the school or class teacher will be marked as a whole day absence denoted by the letter “A” – and the reason would be “unjustified

If a student who is marked as absent is simply late, they may then present themselves to the school Office or they may head directly to class.

For students that present themselves to the school Office, the Front Office staff may adjust their absence, provide them with a late arrival note and then send them to their class. The student would then present the note to the class teacher.

For students that head directly to class and are late, the class teacher will need to amend their whole absence to a “late arrival” and select the time of arrival.

Steps to generate a late arrival note

  1. Go to the Attendance tab and from the left-hand green menu, select >Absences>Today

  2. This will show the absences in the school for today

  3. You can search for the student by typing in their name in the -Student search field

  4. Once you locate the student, select the -pencil icon under the -Actions column to the right of their name, to edit their absence

  5. In the pop-up window, edit the absence to a late arrival and save it

  6. Then select the check box next to the student’s name and scroll to the bottom and select he icon for -Form Letter located to the right of the -Pencil icon

  7. The available form letters will be listed, select the -Late arrival/early leaver form letter

  8. The form letter generation process will commence and once it's finished  

  9. Click on the student’s name to open up the letter as a pdf OR select -Download All to download the note and save it

Setting up late arrival/early leaver notes for printing

Late arrival/early leaver notes: The Admin Level User sends a request to to set up the late arrival/early note. Most schools are using a receipt printer that prints a note that is about 80mm or 8cm wide. Please ask the Admin Level User to specify the width of the paper on which the note will be printed.