To get started, a calendar needs to be set up by the Admin Level User in the school; and assigned at least one Event Type with "Teacher" access.

Setting up your School Calendar

The School Calendar included in Momentum ESR is an easy way to keep track of school events such as sports days, staff meetings, and playground rosters. You can create your own event types to suit your school's needs, and you can create more than one calendar to further organise the events.

Create a new Calendar.

  1. Select the Admin tab, and then >General >Calendar Administration page

  2. Select the 'New' button to create a new Calendar. Enter a name for your new calendar, and a description for the calendar.

  3. Select the 'Save' button to save the Calendar.

Now that you've created your Calendar,  you can assign Event Types to it.

  1. From the Calendar Administration page, select the 'Event Types' button to the right of the Calendar you wish to modify.
  2. Select the 'Add/New' button. You then select an event type from a number of default Event Types using the 'Types' drop-down box
  3. Alternatively, you can create your own Event Type by selecting the 'New Type' option, then naming the Event Type for e.g. Daily; Weekly; Fortnightly. and selecting a colour to associate to this type
  4. Under View Level - select who will be able to see the Calendar - if you select Viewer - all users in your school will be able to see the calendar as Viewer is the lowest level of access. 
  5. Next select the Edit Level - if you select Teacher - it will allow anyone with Teacher or Executive permission level will be able to edit the selected event type on the calendar 
  6. You can choose to assign a colour to the Event Type that you've created by selecting N/A next to Colour to open up the palette of colours. 
  7. Select 'Save' button to add the Event Type to your Calendar.

How do teachers access and edit the Calendar?

  1. To use the Calendar, teachers select the Dashboard tab after they've logged into Momentum ESR
  2. Then on the top right-hand side of the screen, they select Calendar
  3. They will then see -Event Calendars on screen
  4. If the school has multiple calendars, the teacher can select the Calendar they want to view by selecting the drop down menu on the Calendars button [see image "Event Calendars" below]
  5. Then select the option for -day -week -month -term to add an event to the Calendar  [see image "Adding a new event on the Calendar" below]

Event Calendars 


Adding a new event on the Calendar 


Print options for your calendars

you can print by day; week; month; term for a selected date range; and particular hours if you so wish.

  1. Select -Print located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen of the calendar
  2. You can make your print selection option, by specifying the date range and choosing an option from the drop-down menu in the -View field