1. Select the >Admin tab and then select >General>Student Administration in the left-hand menu
  2. Look up the student for by searching for them by name in the -Name/Code field located above the columns for -Year and -Active? in the -Admin-Student Administration screen
  3. Select -Edit beside the student to go into their profile
    • Under  -School Year, check that student is in the correct Year level, if not select correct year from the drop down menu. 
    • Under -Roll Class - select the correct Roll Class; then select >Save
    • Select -Edit again if you get taken out of the student's profile screen; as you need to check that the "Start" date in the class for when the student was moved to the Roll Class.
  4. Select -Edit; and then in the profile at the very bottom, select -Class Start/End Dates
  5. You will see start/end dates of the classes that the student was enrolled in and then select -Save

NOTE: the start date is the first day that the student was meant to start in the Class; the End Date is the day after the last day that the student was in the class. This is so that the last day of required attendance is included in any reports for attendance 

for e.g Jane Smith was in 3A from 30 Jan till 15 Feb and then she moved to 3F on 16 Feb so the class start end dates for Jane would look like this:

Jane Smith in Class 3A 

  • Start date: 30 Jan
  • End date: 16 Feb  (the day after the last day of 15 Feb  in the class)

Jane Smith in Class 3F

  • Start date: 16 Feb
  • End date:          (leave blank as she is currently enrolled in the class, the end date will be automatically populated when  the new school year starts in the following year)