The following information is relevant for DEC schools that want to have a different class set-up to what is set up in ERN. 

Classes in ERN may be composite classes for e.g. 4/5F 

Schools may want the composite class using the 4/5F example to be 4F and 5F to make it easier for a teacher marking the students for academic reports. To achieve this, you create new classes in Assessment and move students from the original classes to the newly created classes. 


  • Class names and the students in the Classes for the Attendance application have to be exactly the same as the set-up in the DoE; otherwise the sync between the DoE and Momentum ESR will not work.
  • Class names and students for the Assessment application can be set up differently to that of DoE class names; the steps below show you how to achieve this.

Creating a new class in Assessment and moving students into the class

  1. Under >Admin>Assesment>Manage Classes
  2. The list of current classes reflecting the classes as per DoE will appear
  3. To create a new class, select >New at the bottom right-hand side of the page
  4. Type in the name of the new class and select >Save
  5. This new Class will now appear on the list of classes with "0" students and no teachers assigned to them
  6. Find the class that you want to move students out of; and select >Students link/button on the right-hand side of the page 
  7. The list of students will appear; select the students you want to move by selecting the check box beside their name; or select all the students in the class by ticking on the check box at the top of the list
  8. Scroll to bottom of the page and you will see "Class to move students to" and a drop down menu beside it with the list of classes; select the newly created class and then select >Move on lower right-hand side of the page
  9. The students will then be moved to the new class in Assessment
  10. Assign a teacher/s to the new class by selecting >Teachers link/button in line with the class name
  11. You will see the Manage Assessment Classes page that comes up; either type in the name/s of the teachers in the Class Teacher section or select from the list of teachers from the >Bulk Assign link located on the right-hand side of the page  
    1. In >Bulk Assign once you have selected the teachers by selecting the check box beside their name; select >Assign
    2. The selected teachers names will now appear in the Class Teacher section, select >Save
    3. You can >Bulk Assign teachers for the Class Access section as well following the same steps 
  12. Teachers assigned in the Class Teacher section will have their name on the printed Report; Teachers assigned in the Class Access section will be able to access the class to do the academic Reports but will not have their name appear on the cover of the printed Report 


The classes listed in Assessment with no students and no teachers can then be left alone - they will not show up when teachers log in - however, when you do a sync with the DoE next time, any new students will appear in the classes list in Attendance and Assessment reflecting the set-up in the DoE server. You move any students from a one class to another for yoru Reports, go to >Admin>Assessment>Manage Classes and carry out the steps listed in points 6-9 above to move the new students out from the DEC server-named classes in Assessment to the classes created by you.