Admin Users - Making report templates visible and invisible

  1. Select >Admin tab
  2. Select >Assessment from the left-hand blue menu
  3. Select >Report Templates>Edit Reports
  4. You will now see all the Report Templates that your school has available. Please note that some schools have a template for each Semester whereas some schools just have 1-2 templates
  5. To hide a template, just click on the GREEN TICK in the -Visible column; and the GREEN TICK will be replaced with a RED CROSS - this means that teachers will not see this selected template when they go to print their Reports.

NOTE: To avoid confusion, you can make all the templates that don't apply for the current Semester "invisible" by clicking on the GREEN TICK beside each template not being used in the current Semester or Year. 

If you need to print a Report for a previous Semester; you need to ensure that the Report Template that was used in that particular Semester is "visible".