This applies to NSW public schools:

We're waiting on the Department for the final stage of direct integration so absence data can be exported without having to download absences and upload them into ebs

Until that part of direct integration is finalised, please export your absences with the following process:

  1. Select the >Admin tab
  2. Select >3PI 
  3. Select >Export Absences (ebs4)
  4. IMPORTANT STEP: please select absences for one week - in the start date and end date section. ebs was only accepting one week of absences at a time until recently, and this may or may not have changed - you can test it by trying to export for several weeks and if it works, then hooray! for NSW DET. If it doesn't work, then revert back to one week at a time. 
  5. On the right-hand side of the screen, select >Start Export 
  6. Once the database file is compiled, you will see >Download File
  7. Select >Download File and save it on a network drive or your local drive
  8. If you see that your computer is trying open the file instead of allowing you to save it - all you need to do is - hover your mouse over the >Download File option; right-click and save the file on a network drive or your local drive.
  9. Then simply follow the processes outlined for importing in ebs - the Department's instructions - see attached