1. Select >Assessment tab
  2. On the black bar running across the top, where you see your school name in a black bar, you will see Semester X - 20XX (change)
  3. click on >(change)
  4. Then you can select Semester and Year from the drop down menu in the Change Active Semester/Year screen that appears
  5. Once you've selected Semester and Year from the drop down menu, then select >Save on the right-hand side of the screen
  6. You will now be in the Semester that you have selected. You can now either edit reports in this selected semester by going into Assessment or print out Reports from that Semester by selecting the >Reports tab (the last tab on the top of the page)
  7. From the left-hand menu, select >Assessment>General Reports
  8. Select the type of >Report Profile from the drop down options i.e. your school may have separate report profiles for Kindergarten and 1-6 Reports; Select the>Year>Class>Name of Student from the drop down menu options
  9. Select >Report by Year Level to get Reports of all the students in that Year; select >Report by Class to get all the Reports for that Class; OR locate the student from the drop down menu and Select >Report by Student for a specific Report for one student
  10. Once you have generated the Report; you need to then change the Semester back to the current Semester - Repeat the steps outlined in points 1-5

NOTE: The Admin User in your school can choose to hide old print templates and only have the current print template visible. In this case, your report will not print correctly. Please ask the Admin User in your school to make the required print templates visible OR ask them to contact us and we can do that for your school.